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Nam Hong Ju has lived since childhood with the strange burden of her prophetic dreams and believes nothing she does will change the outcomes, until the day her new neighbour, prosecutor Jeong Jae Chan, has a dream of his own and takes action that alters the course of her fate.

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dangochan 26 Sep, 2017
i think it'll be a good drama since the screenwriter created I Hear Your Voice and Page Turner! but at the same time i think i would prefer seeing a different main cast: SuJi and JongSeok again?hmmm
seoltang 26 Sep, 2017
@dangochan Again? When they were together?
seoltang 26 Sep, 2017
@cleciane mesmo que seja um drama ruim, vou acompanhar por causa deles.
strawberryz 28 Sep, 2017
Ansiedade a mil pra acompanhar esse drama com meus dois queridinhos. <3
alex3 29 Sep, 2017
I just hope that Su Ji won't ruin the drama for me and that her acting improved..
1st episode was quite interesting, but i need something more from this drama.
seoltang 29 Sep, 2017
Já vi que vou sofrer... Toda vez que colocam um promotor, tem que alguma injustiça pra gente ranger os dentes.
dangochan 30 Sep, 2017
@seoltang i know that this is the first time they're acting together but i was thinking more about the fact that Jong Seok appears in the third drama of the same screenwriter and Su Ji is acting again in a drama that creators want to sell well because of her fame
but you know what, i saw 4 episodes and it looks promising, i hope they won't ruin this series. and i really like the effort of cinematographers :)
@alex3 i had the same feeling about Su Ji but after watching those four episodes, i think she improved significantly and it may be the first time when i liked her acting :P
sakurauchiha 30 Sep, 2017
Que drama perfeito!!!!!