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Nam Hong Ju has lived since childhood with the strange burden of her prophetic dreams and believes nothing she does will change the outcomes, until the day her new neighbour, prosecutor Jeong Jae Chan, has a dream of his own and takes action that alters the course of her fate.

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fondly 30 Sep, 2017
Que dorama maravilhoso, céus.
leylachan 01 Oct, 2017
32 épisodes?
seoltang 02 Oct, 2017
@leylachan 35 minutes per episode = 16 eps
leylachan 02 Oct, 2017
haha right I wasn't paying attention. Thanks.
That makes more sense.
limenora 04 Oct, 2017
So far I'm LOVING IT!
samanthawoo 08 Oct, 2017
I have a feeling this is gonna be another masterpiece drama with Lee Jong Seok.
kuroikaras 10 Oct, 2017
8th episode, and I am in love with it! Yes there are some cliches, but the script surprises me every minute. I am not a big fan of SuJi, but here, in this story she can tell me everything, I will belive it! :D
limenora 14 Oct, 2017
12th episode, and I'm OBSESSED with this drama.
The storyline is so creative, and I love the characters! :)
I haven't seen such a great drama in a long long time. I hope it won't go downhill.

I bet the police guy has something to do with the soldier who killed both of Jae Chan's and Hong Ju's father. I guess he must be his older brother or something.

PS.: Suji is surprisingly good in this one! Usually she annoys me when it comes to acting, but in this one she is quite natural!