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Nam Hong Ju has lived since childhood with the strange burden of her prophetic dreams and believes nothing she does will change the outcomes, until the day her new neighbour, prosecutor Jeong Jae Chan, has a dream of his own and takes action that alters the course of her fate.

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kasumii 04 Nov, 2017
i love the investigation/courtroom scenes >v
sillysym 09 Nov, 2017
@leylachan i agree. Ep 20 was boring. I hope the drama will come back into action. Because it's not going anywhere now.
purtysunshine 17 Nov, 2017
Two of my favs...Lee Jong Suk and Suzy in a drama by one of my all time favorite screenwriters? Hold my glass.

I was super stoked for this drama and I want to preface what comes next by saying that I DID love it in many ways. Having said it certainly wasn’t one of my favorites for any of the 3 favs I mentioned above. Drama wise, I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio were much better works of Park Hye Ryun and Lee Jong Suk/Suzy have both portrayed stronger roles. Everything here was set up to be so good but just continually fell short. The story was never intense enough. The chemistry was never hot enough. The emotion was never strong enough. It just all felt kind of fake.

I get it. It’s fiction. But fiction done right can make you feel like it’s real...and WYWS just didn’t.

Also, I know this writer has struggled before with unrealistic court cases but goodness it’s very apparent in this show. I was especially annoyed with how the other characters always narrated the legal scenes like “Ooh, now he’s trying to discredit her.”

Come on now. We KNOW.

It makes the viewer feel like the show is treating them like a child, for lack of a better word.

In the end, there were still scenes I loved. Despite not quite having that sizzling chemistry I’d hoped for, Lee Jong Suk and Suzy we’re still adorbs. I will look back on this show fondly and still strongly recommend it as a one-time watch, but I probably won’t be coming back for seconds.
heymisterbig 17 Nov, 2017
свободу Ли Ю Бому!!!!!!!!!!
nimwoo 19 Nov, 2017
I loved this drama from start to end, although it became a bit boring a few eps between ep 22 and 27, but it was worth watching! I just wonder
what happened to Jaechan's car? Lol. He had a car at the beginning of the drama and after he saved Wootak's life the car got all damaged and he was supposed to receive another car from the insurance, so what happened? Lol. I think the writer decided to change this and add the scenes where they had to take the bus together and be romantic like that, right?
tokki 19 Nov, 2017
I didn't know So Hyeon was in it. <3
danisensei 20 Nov, 2017
I like the mains, but I don't see them as a good match. Not watching it. u.u
sillysym 03 Dec, 2017
The first drama of Lee Jong Suk that i didn't like.
Too confused things, it became boring at the end.
I'm really sad. Who knows when his next drama will be sigh.