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yokochan 01 Oct, 2018
the main cast was perfect <3 dong mae & hina were the best <3 yu jin also <3 i´ll miss just the characters =´(
linest 02 Oct, 2018
A great drama with a wonderful plot and cast, besides the incredible scenarios.
It was realistic and painful, yet beautiful to watch.

I'm going to miss this drama ♥
ilate 11 Oct, 2018
Visually - stunning, plot-wise - masterpiece, music-wise - outstanding. The ending made my cry so so much. The only issue I had with this drama was... Kim Min Jeong. Damn, I just can't stand her acting. Kudou Hina would be so much interesting if it wasn't for Kim Min Jeong's boring acting. Luckily, the rest of the cast was amazing. I love how reliable Byeon Yo Han is with his acting (though I'm super biased when it comes to him ).

Nevertheless - highly recommend!