geunyang saranghaneun sai

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limenora 26 Dec, 2017
So far (4 episodes) it's okay. Kind of slow, and I wonder how can they make 16 episodes out of this, but as a filler drama, it's nice.
I actually like the acting.
dramahloic 12 Jan, 2018
This is what you call quality drama. Story, dialogues, cinematography, acting..everything is on point.
If you are expecting a cute ,light and dreamy story ,then don't start this show.
majiboke 02 Feb, 2018
Best drama ever, such a roller-coaster, amazing acting with some new faces. No annoying characters, not just black and white, normal people, life.
le2116 03 Feb, 2018
Loved it, thier chemistry was great. Woo Jin A is a very good actress
kasumii 04 Feb, 2018
deema 06 Feb, 2018

cant agree more than comments below #applause
frannam 12 Feb, 2018
Wonderful. Hard to put into words how I feel about this drama. I had a lot of different emotions while watching: I suffered, I smiled, I felt sad, heated, happy, I cried a lot. For me, it was a masterpiece: how the accident marked the lives of the families of the victims, how the survivors were marked forever, the suffering and guilt of those who survived, all this was portrayed in a beautiful and very visceral way. In spite of the great emotional load and the approach to tragedies and their emotional consequences, this drama is much more about the process of acceptance of pain and healing of the soul when sharing our suffering with other people.
deformedchrist 23 Feb, 2018
I don't finish yet this drama but I can say is one of the best dramas I ever seen. Loved the chemestry between the main characters and the acting in general was so nice.