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bloom 30 Aug, 2017
eyeslikefirefly 31 Aug, 2017
So excited for this. I hope they do it justice!!!
deformedchrist 01 Mar, 2018
My expectations are high and that worries at some point.
sillysym 08 Oct, 2018
Yoshizawa Ryou did really good. Omg he is really hot and surprisingly good at acting.
I can't say the same about Sakurai Hinako, Miki wa boring to watch. She had expressionless face for the most part of the movie and looked confused.
The movie too was a bit boring, the secondary characters were useless and it's bad, because they had also good stories too.

The best part of the movie was the last part of it, the clarification with their parents.
Good acting and good emotions.

Not 'good' , but almost.
danisensei 11 Oct, 2018
Well, I dropped the anime version on the halfway, so I don't know how it turned to be able to make a comparison, but I really liked the movie. The leads were cute. :3 And oh my, if only Yuu faced that final situation right after having found that clue he wouldn't have been through such situations.