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seoltang 01 Apr, 2018
Achei pesado.
eunhye 16 Apr, 2018
All I want from this drama is Ji An to kiss everyone's ass and become the rich businesswoman. Just... no romance. Pleeeeeease!
seoltang 21 Apr, 2018
Também espero que não tenha romance (senão estragará toda a história).
bayanoh 21 Apr, 2018
The first episode was unnecessarily too long.
Watching a character making an instant coffee and then drink it slowly without editing is okay in movies but is too much for a drama. There are 16 episodes, 80 minutes each in this drama, I don't want to spend that much time watching IU make coffee!

Also, IU's character is practically a sociopath. I don't think a main character should be using improper methods to move up the ladder.
eunhye 23 Apr, 2018

hahaha gosh, worst misspelling ever)) I meant kick everyone's ass, KICK!
What was i thinking about, when i wrote that comment))))
jeanne 12 May, 2018
A warm and beautiful drama ♥️♥️
I need one Ajusshi like Dong hoon in my life :(
tangerine 19 May, 2018
beautiful drama worth watching
rosycrystals 20 May, 2018
An absolutely beautiful drama! I have zero complaints about it! It was such a masterpiece and a wonderful thing to watch. All the characters were so endearing and will always stay close to my heart! All the acting was on point! Good job darling Lee Ji Eun and Lee Seon Gyun ahjusshi!!