good morning call: our campus days

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hafsa 02 Dec, 2017
as bad as the first season.
neo9000 07 Mar, 2018
Oh, boy. Not sure if I wanna do this after finally finishing S1.
pinkpomme 14 Jun, 2018
It is not the worst drama I have seen but good lord i have sooo many issues with Nao.
purtysunshine 29 Jul, 2018
Much better than the first season. I felt it was more realistic and I liked how the characters (in particular, Nao) recognized their shortfalls and worked to become better people (in their own way). Some of the misunderstandings were frustrating and I felt like Nao and Uehara’s communication could have been better...but given their age and circumstances it’s somewhat understandable. Overall I really enjoyed this season and I’m sad it’s over!
minimiau 21 Sep, 2018
This second season was better than the first. I really liked how the characters develop.