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yokochan 19 Dec, 2017
Lee Da Hae <3 Thanks for coming Back to Dramaland *Q* This is Happiness, because the Story seems to be much interesting - she is playing two roles here. ^.^ & OMG, Bae Soo Bin is also in the Cast YEAH xD (nooo, iam not a Fangirl, Nooo) :D :P
bayanoh 04 Mar, 2018
This drama is so horrible that it's interesting. The only reason why I would continue watching this is to laugh at how ridiculous it is. This is a total makjang drama. I bet one of the twins will take the place of the other.
campanulaa 06 Mar, 2018
Yep,it is so bad,one can not simply drop it.The funny thing is the only other drama I've started for the same reason was again a bae soo bin drama:DI seem to like him very much ,I have no idea why exactly(not a fangirl too,yokochan:D)
deema 18 Mar, 2018
its really low quality drama with silly plot !
but for unknown reason i'm still watching it :\
Lee da hae what the hell with your acting ! i believe that staying without job for while will end you to forget how to do it !
i might drop this in next few weeks but who knows ( crossed fingers )
deema 10 May, 2018
well guess what !! i watched this till the very end
its more like early morning drama ( talks about the relationship with husbands family) mom will love this for sure :p
but since i'm in love with Ryu Su Yeong ❤︎ i kept watching it with skipping Cha Do Hui parts

overall 3/10