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milisia 13 Jun, 2018
yeah i have the same feeling :/ like, she needs somebody to guide her? i don't i daid before, i pitied her, at first. But now, even if she have some good intentions under her sleeve, her doings are just NO. And i don't get why she always support villians.
I'm also curious, how will you react about Kim Hyo Jeong case, in few more episodes.
milisia 26 Jun, 2018
This drama #%$%$ XD i mean..gosh

i really don't get the plan of Eun Gyeong Hye, and her mother. Like, she have great opportunity, to smash Jang Myeong Hwan, but she always, change her mind. For real...also Geum Yeong Suk, always looking for pity for her daughter :/ get a grip woman. I'm curious, of plan made by Se Yeon and Jae Jun..i think it's more, than they are saying and it will smash more people at once, for sure. I think SY taking hand of GH, is buying only time, for something bigger. Anyway i'm happy that Kim Hyo Jeong, will pay her price. I mean - i pitied her also, just a little, but when she tried to make Lee Jae Jun, her "thug", using his sister..damn you :/ i was hoping they will be on some alliance, not using each other :/ Anyway i can't wait, for the real plan and some happy ending + villains paying some price, for their doings.

Btw. someone in the comments section at the drama official page has a got point - why for god sake, Eun Gyeong Hye and her mother, still lives in the villa? XD and Hong Se Yeon lives in her old home, with her mother? XD i mean..why the fakes one, always have everything, even when they are exposed? XD
yokochan 27 Jun, 2018
Haha, me too, i dont understand Gyeong Hye & her Mother anymore >.<

But i also have to say, that in this Drama - iam not seeing the real Revenge time o.O sometimes there is Happening something bad & it´s not something so big, because 1 Episode later, everything is okay xD

Are really only 18 episodes left ? =D i dont think so . . . . ;D
Yeah finally brother & sister found each other

btw. iam really sorry for my not correct english ?! =/
milisia 27 Jun, 2018

No worries, my english also isn't good ha ha XD

About revenge part - yeah, it's true tbh :/ i mean - i really was hoping that SY will crush her fake mom and Eun Gyeong Hye. Ok, they were also a victim, but they also made a lot of damage in her life - stole her family, work, projects, and i'm really tired of Geum Yeong Suk, always seeking for pity, for her daughter. Ok, you weren't best mom for Eun Gyeong Hye, but she shouldn't take blind eye, on her doings.
And i really was hoping, that SY will somehow made them suffer, but i believe that's the point of the drama - SY as wise person, not just being emotionally about what's happened. And she's just make things her way :P but still...i would do something to both of them :P

About episodes - mostly this type of drama has +100 episodes i think it depends, how rushed the staff will be. Sometimes is around 110 episodes, sometimes even 150 so dunno, how much more we have. But what we have left - everybody knows everything now, so it only depends,who will take revenge on who XD and probably some semi good ending.

yokochan 19 Jul, 2018
ep.101 finally the Change of eun gyeong hye :O the last 10 ? episodes were getting on my nerves because it was always the same >.< i was also crying when gyeong hye cried xD so this Drama is going to end =)
milisia 20 Jul, 2018
I hate the ending for real

typical, that mom died..typical that everybody forgives everybody..and where is some sweet moment for HSy and LJJ t the end?! duh

Average drama at the end.