Ranma 1/2 Live Action Special

akiraka 28 Sep, 2011

This December NTV will be broadcasting a two hour special live action drama adaptation of the mega-hit Takahashi Rumiko manga series 'Ranma 1/2'. The drama will unfold an original story based on and utilizing the characters of the series.

September 27, it was announced that Aragaki Yui will play the lead protagonist Tendou Akane, while Kaku Kento and Natsuna will perform the male and female personas respectively for Saotome Ranma. Other important characters from the manga will be played by as follows:

Tendou Kasumi by Hasegawa Kyouko
Ono Toufuu by Tanihara Shousuke
Saotome Genma by Furuta Arata
Tendou Souun by Namase Katsuhisa

Ranma 1/2 creator Takahashi commented, "When I first heard about it being made into a drama I was surprised, but with its interesting scenario and splendid cast, I am now very much looking forward to seeing it. To have Aragaki Yui perform in it is indeed an extravagance that I am happy about and the castings of the other characters are all performers that I like as well. In particular, I really want to see the interaction between the two fathers (Genma & Souun). I anticipate that this will be a work that both those familiar and unfamiliar with the Ranma 1/2 story will be able to enjoy."

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Random chan 28 Sep, 2011
x.x yay... I knew this day would come. Wait, they will soon make an adaptation of naruto.
ayamex4ever 28 Sep, 2011
I watched the anime and I can't wait to watch the drama adaption of it... wonder how they're gonna pull off the craziness of the plot/characters..
flcl 28 Sep, 2011
Oh God.
nanuklein 28 Sep, 2011
Hmmm, I love Ranma 1/2
But I admit, I don't know any of the actors..I mean I saw Aragaki Yui Ballad, My Boss My Hero..but I don't remember her there at all..I mean her acting..
according to mdl, I should have see kaku kento in young black jack but I can't recall it at all..and I saw natsuna in gantz..but that role was pretty much I don't know what she's like..

hmmm...I'll still watch it, I guess...
r0lan 28 Sep, 2011
i knew that face looked oddly familiar... Samurai high school... i liked the manga...lets see how the live action differs... cant wait till December when it comes out...
akiraka 28 Sep, 2011
I'm familiar with them all but more so with the supporting cast. Namase Katsuhisa is always good.
nanuklein 28 Sep, 2011
Yeah, know him, too. Arata and Shousuke aren't bad either.