Blame Game

eemsme 17 Oct, 2012
@random chan i blame you that i came to school while there was actually no college
dutchviola 03 Dec, 2012
@eemsme I blame you for the typical Dutch weather we have right now, you know what I'm talking about, look out your window ~_^
eemsme 03 Dec, 2012
@dutchviola haha totally true!!! then i blame for the constructions workers who of course changed the windows on this cold day.. :(
gangnamstyle 07 Dec, 2012
@eemsme i blame you for my poor grades and school perfomance in 2012..
ohbeansprout 08 Dec, 2012
@gangnamstyle I blame you for my crush not liking me back.
karinaygr 05 Feb, 2013
@gangnamstyle I blame you for having to wake up early tomorrow.
Random chan 20 Jun, 2013
@karinaygr x.x I blame you for the heat here -- totally. lol
dutchviola 02 Jul, 2013
@Random chan I blame you for my miserable life as a school teacher, why do parents want report cards, WHY?!