Blame Game

jayme8me 29 Sep, 2011
How 2 Play:
Blame the person before you for anything, from having a bad day, to your goldfish dying in the first grade, to the earth being too big. I find it very refreshing^_^plz don't take it too seriously:)

Since nobody is before me, I blame everyone for my computer being really messed up yesterday:P
eriinnye 29 Sep, 2011
Then I blame you for my long school day till 15 o`clock ^^
jayme8me 29 Sep, 2011
I blame eriinnye that I had to get up really early=_=zzzz
Random chan 29 Sep, 2011
I blame jayme8me for not opening a game called 'Why should you be killed' :D.
xxcorpse 29 Sep, 2011
I blame RC for getting crazy over things and actually eating when i know i should not eat anything.
chrizolina 29 Sep, 2011
I blame xxcorpse for having so much homework and only few hours to do it.
lothiriel 29 Sep, 2011
I blame chrizolina for the average movie we had to watch at the university today and the **** uncomfortable seats we were sitting on in the auditorium. My legs went numb XD
nightrainboww 29 Sep, 2011
I blame lothiriel for buying me too nice coffee, because now that I don't have it anymore, I'm sad. :(