1006 de fang ke

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Ke Zhen Yu, a lawyer at the peak of his career, is accused of forging evidence in his last case and loses his license. Afterwards, he moves into a cheaper apartment and starts to live there. One night, he sees a girl walking in his apartment. Thinking she is a ghost, he tries to avoid her. However, she reappears the following night. The girl is also shocked by the sight of him as she thinks that he is a pervert who broke into her apartment. When they check their apartment leases, they realise that the dates don't match up. Not much later, Zhen Yu also finds out that time and space merge when the clock hits 10:06.

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purtysunshine 29 Jul, 2018
This gets my vote as one of the best Taiwanese dramas to date. The storyline is tight and entertaining, with some twists and turns to keep you really invested. It often-times reminded me of both (Korean) dramas Nine and Secret Garden. I had a few minor issues with the plot here and there but over-all I was really happy with it.

The biggest hurdle I had to force myself over was putting up with (though eventually actually loving) Jia Le. She bothered me so much in the beginning but did come to redeem herself (in my eyes) in the end. Zhen Ya was just so freaking adorable and awesome. What a guy. Loved him to pieces.

This will end up being a re-watcher for me, with just too many scenes I loved not to revisit it again.