Fan Bing Bing's Interviews With Sina Entertainment Regarding Her Role In Consort Yang

mellon 08 Oct, 2011

Fan Bing Bing, lead actress of Yang Gui Fei (Consort Yang), a joint movie project by China, Korea, and Japan, was interviewed by Sina Entertainment yesterday. She reveals her thoughts about working once again as Consort Yang.

Sina Entertainment: So you said Consort Yang is the only role that you would want to play twice. What is it about this that attracts you?

Fan Bing Bing: It was around five to six years ago when I played the role of Consort Yang in a TV drama. Even though the show ran for a long time, I still felt like I haven't gotten enough of the role, and I wasn't ready to let go. I think she is an extraordinary woman, and her ideals towards love is exactly what I strive towards.

Sina Entertainment: So recently you have been working with handsome actors Zhang Dong Jian, Odagiri Joo, and Wang Li Hong. Do you still have excited feelings towards that?

Fan Bing Bing: Yes, in fact, every time my girl friends see me they're always talking loudly about Jian Zhang Dong, Odagiri Joo, Wang Li Hong . Of course I'm an admirer because they really are handsome.

Sina Entertainment: Everyone is quite play the role of Consort Yang are there any preparations that you have to make? Do you need to gain weight?

Fan Bing Bing: Actually last night on the red carpet I was at a good shape already.

Sina Entertainment: Maybe it's because your clothes were too light.

Fan Bing Bing: No, it's just weight. I already gained 5 kgs from the last time I acted as Consort Yang. I think that it's very easy to put on weight for me, but to lose it is very difficult, so don't worry about me gaining weight, because it will be only a short time before you guys notice.


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