Odagiri Joo In The Korean War Movie "My Way"

komorebi 09 Oct, 2011

Actor Odagiri Joe appeared at the 16th International film festival in Pusan (South Korea) yesterday to promote his new movie "my way", a Korean production which will start airing in January 2012 in Japan (December 2011 in Korea). Before the press conference, a making of and some new pictures were shown, and Odagiri stated, "I haven't yet seen the movie either, so I'm as excited for the premiere as everyone else." Korean actor Jang Dong Gun and Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing were also present to talk about the project.

The movie is about two rivaling marathon runners in WWII who get imprisoned by the Soviet Union and Germany, and while keeping their resistance and encouraging each other, have to face the hardships of war. Director Gang Je Gyu said, "The second world war is a very sensitive topic for both Japan and Korea, but in the midst of this swirl of war, the two of them learn to understand each other while never tossing away their dreams. It's going to be this kind of human drama."


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nanuklein 10 Oct, 2011
nah, a war film...not into those lately.