jie ai: qian sui da ren de chu lian

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purtysunshine 29 Jul, 2018
The first half of this drama was obsession worthy. I loved the somewhat unique take on the supernatural-romance genre. Plus, Johnny *swoons* I enjoyed the lovely monologues and there are some scenes that were just so damn perfect (writing, directing, music, etc…) that they gave me goosebumps.

However, going into the second half of the show it slowly fell apart. The last two episodes in particular were messy and poorly executed. So much time was wasted on unimportant things while we never got answers for others and the writing chose to not delve into areas I would have found more fascinating than the plot we were given. Such a shame.

There are scenes from this I will probably re-watch but I will not bother re-visiting it as a whole. Oh, what could have been. Le sigh.
busunako23 02 Aug, 2018
Victoria Song (maravilhosa) e Johnny Huang (que homão), mas me perdoem! Acho que esse foi o PIOR DRAMA em termos de enredo

Amo o gênero fantasia, mas por favor criem um mundo sobrenatural c/ poderes, fraquezas, lendas e mitos q pelo menos tentem fazer algum sentido
O roteiro é cheio de furos, mas apesar da trama ter começado fraca, te entretém e vc quer saber no q vai dar, porém vai se perdendo cada vez mais e chega ao ápice a partir do final do ep 23
O episodios finais q eram pra ser "um pouco triste" p/ mim foram cômicos, com uma sucessão de acontecimentos bizarros, q traíam alguns fatos já apresentados na trama e terminou c/ varias ????

Um total desperdício de cast, fotografia, cenários e figurinos maravilhosos, só recomendo se vc engole qualquer historia.
keepingbreath 23 Sep, 2018
Somehow I really didn't care about the main couple. But Zhao Song and Qian Hua's storyline made me to complete the series. Their relationship was so complicated and messy and passionate, I still sitting here excited and
after their last scene.
I need them to reborn and live happily without all this mess.
Those friends trio was enjoyble too on contrast with boring main couple.