Any Korean TV Series where the woman is acting like a snotty devil while the dude plays the submissive suck up role?

kabbouri 29 Jan, 2012
The topic is a bit old but i know what you mean lustmord
There arent many Dramas outthere with a cinderella man story!
The only ones i know are "That Fool", "Densha Otoko" and as mentioned above "Take care of agasshi"
All of them are romcoms, there is also "101 Proposal" but i didnt like it that much!
happywandrerin 15 Feb, 2012
maybe secret garden?
angelus 16 Feb, 2012
That Fool(kdrama) the best.
keelin 29 Jul, 2012
Just you

rich girl poor guy.
exandria 05 Sep, 2012
Flames of Ambition
zica 31 Oct, 2012
The 1st shop of Coffee prince