Any Korean TV Series where the woman is acting like a snotty devil while the dude plays the submissive suck up role?

nanuklein 12 Oct, 2011
Any? So far, I've only managed to see Korean TV series where the guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, while the woman was the poor little Snow White that falls, "coincidentally", in love with this unbearable sucker.
nightrainboww 12 Oct, 2011
agassireul pputakae...? Might not be your type of drama though. XD
nanuklein 14 Oct, 2011
@nightrainboww, hmm, Eun Hye is in it. And she is not an actor I wanna watch for a while..since ...lie to me..killed it. Also the plotline sounds a bit much cliche again..but I might check it out in the end (since it has just 16 eps)

Anything else? Keep em coming.
doramaaprncss 15 Oct, 2011
my girlfriend is a gumiho is sort of like that.. right?
nightrainboww 15 Oct, 2011
Hmmm... maybe. It's about a rich boy and a poor, dominant girl though.
keelin 16 Oct, 2011
Temptation of an Angel
Smile, You
Bad Couple

I'll post some more later.
bluey 18 Oct, 2011
I agree with nighranboww's suggestion of agassireul pputakae. It's a story about a heiress and her butler. So i suppose the heiress is the snotty devil, but the butler is not exactly a suck up, though may be submissive at times.
arielifeoma 21 Jan, 2012
Snow Queen?