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hyukjae 28 Feb, 2019
best drama i've seen in awhile ♥
poice 04 Mar, 2019
I think I'm too old for this much cliche, naivety and silliness in one drama.... Lee Jong Seok's acting skills are still lacking and is just me or in every drama he plays same character?
leviathan 05 Mar, 2019
@poice you're right, this is one of the reasons why i am avoiding dramas he's in.
ilate 12 Mar, 2019
I feel like Lee Jong Seok would be able to create a chemistry with a broomstick! He is so good! <3
poice 17 Mar, 2019
Sorry to say this because I like Lee Na Yeong and supporting cast but this drama was a waste of time....It's full of cliches and naivety. I also think that screenwriter somewhere in the middle of drama forgot about Dani's daughter.
She's not even mentioned in last episode lol
And also the last kiss
was ridiculous....she kept her mouth closed like dead fish WTH at least pretend that you are in love.... ;/
kirtil 18 Mar, 2019
@poice This is done on purpose by the production crew/company to obtain suitable for all viewers rating.

Apparently including sexier levels of kissing changes the audience age level and restricts the younger generation from watching it. Their TV content rating systems are almost weirder than my country.

You can blame korea media rating board for these fake, wooden, forced; undesirable kisses in dramas. I do.
poice 20 Mar, 2019
@kirtil I understand that but it's tvN we're talking most of their dramas they have better kisses than just pecks. And tbh in recent years I can see much improvement in kiss scenes in k-dramaland so I'm really disappointed with this drama.
ilate 28 Mar, 2019
While I quite enjoyed the chemistry Lee Jong Seok created, I feel like most of his role are getting so similar it's hard to differentiate them. I'm not sure if it's a matter of writing or his acting, but it's really getting annoying. Also while this drama had its enjoyable moments, it seems very overrated. Full of cliches, boring plot and cringy moments. I mean, the ending had me cringing so hard I wasn't sure I'd be able to go through it.