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poice 13 Feb, 2019
In episode 2 mood of the drama went from cheerful and absurd comedy to heavy tragedy in like 10 min ....
poice 28 Feb, 2019
To be honest after episode 6 I'm on the verge of dropping this drama. Her brother is too annoying for my taste. I also think that we should see more of young Hye Ja. In my opinion all the mess with time-travel is killing this drama....The story itself between main leads is interesting enough to keep audience waiting for more so why oh why there is so much nonsense in it ;/
poice 13 Mar, 2019
Elderly squad from episode 10 was hilarious. I really liked this episode because we got good plot twist. I was tearing up a little bit at the end....
linest 13 Mar, 2019
The end of episode 10... OMFG
That was an amazing twist

This drama is like a roller coaster
kirtil 21 Mar, 2019
from the premise I expected this to be a funny, feel good story but most of the comments I read about this was about how downer/heavy this is.

not feeling to watch another tearjerker now so:
now that it's ended; how is it?
unknown 27 Mar, 2019
@kirtil watch it. It's worth every tear.
danisensei 27 Apr, 2019
@kirtil I've read some spoilers bc I wanted to know more about what the plot was about. If you want to know:
I read the drama is all a delusion of old Hye Ja, who's got Alzheimer and lost her husband (Jun Ha) whey they were still young.

It seems to me it's a very beautiful but very sad drama. I'm not gonna watch it bc I don't want to cry a river as I'd surely do.
kirtil 27 Apr, 2019
@danisensei cheers. I also feel it would be too sad for me so giving this one a pass