Matsuda Shouta And Watabe Atsurou In "Hard Romanticker"

komorebi 26 Oct, 2011

Today, a press event for the new movie "hard romanticker" was held in the TOHO cinemas in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. The movie will start airing nationwide on November 26, and the main actors Matsuda Shouta, Watabe Atsurou, Nagayama Kento and Endou Kaname, as well as the rockband Kuroyume, who will be responsible for the main theme, were all present to talk about the project. Guests from overseas attended the event as well, and it is said that the tickets were sold out in merely two days.

The story circles around the everyday life of young people who know nothing but violence. Matsuda stated, "the movie creates a form of art by using these portrayals of violence, and that is why I decided to take part in the project." On the other hand, Watabe commented, "my role is very unique and honest, that's why I decided to participate. I also wanted to meet young people, especially Shouta. We live in the same neighbourhood and often meet each other on the street, but we never got past the point of greeting."


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nanuklein 26 Oct, 2011
Sounds interesting :O