Films from the Philippines

nanuklein 07 Nov, 2011
So yesterday I got the chance to watch the film 'Service' (or Serbis) which was kind of good, I admit. It contained this reality in it, this strange apathetic reality. Also, this one seemed to have also life action sexual intercourse and blowjobs.. the director and screenwriter took no leaf in front of their mouth..they just put it as is. From me, this film gets 8/10

Anyway, are there any other films from the Philippines you could recommend?
It kind of caught my interest.
takerusato 08 Dec, 2011
The film you watched is an indie (independent) film here in the Philippines. Most of the indie directors in our country create films relating to the reality.
Sadly, some good indie films are not available to download.

Films (the major ones, not indie) here sucks. They keep on repeating the same story, same actors, same genres. That is my opinion. I suggest you stick to Japanese/Korean movies.
nanuklein 08 Dec, 2011
@takerusato, well, I don't think that I'll give up on the Philippines as fast. :D Korea and Japanese have also their fanservice stuff which sucks badly, imo. And they have a bunch of shit films that are not worth it. Well...I guess every country's film industry has that problem.
weakwithwords 11 Feb, 2012
@lustmord, it's true that to cater to the masses, many productions use formulas such as slapstick comedies and borderline if not outright unrealistic tearjerkers (with no apparent sense of responsibility for how they might be affecting the industry.) Still, you might want to try Crying Ladies and Tanging Yaman. There are probably other recommendable movies from the Philippines, but off-hand those are the two I remember enjoying so many years ago. I'm wondering though how you would watch them since they are in Filipino. I suppose you'll have to make do with subtitles if available. ^,^'
nanuklein 11 Feb, 2012
Hey, @weakwithwords, thanks a lot! I added them to my list :)
noelle 16 Feb, 2016
I have seen 2 philippine movies. "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" and "My Househusband: Ikaw na!". The both were very good.

First is kind of coming of age story, poor family, gay boy, etc.
Second - comedy, married couple, domestic chores.

I would like to see "Mga munting tinig". It about a teacher or something... This one at least has a poster on its imdb page. It's not easy to get access to those movies, just to be expected.