'Switch Girl!!' To Be Dramatized

akiraka 24 Nov, 2011

Soon to air will be a drama adaptation of the popular Aida Natsumi shojo manga 'Switch Girl!!'. The story revolves around a high school girl named Nika who, when she goes out, is very stylish with her makeup and clothes done up with perfect fashion sense, but at home is the complete opposite, sporting glasses and a jersey to go with a totally uncool demeanor. She is called the "switch girl" because she has the ability to freely and seamlessly switch between her "ON" mode (stylish self) and her "OFF" mode (unstylish self). However, the plot develops when male transfer student Arata enters the picture and she attempts to hide her "OFF" mode from him.
In the drama series, Nishiuchi Mariya will star as Nika, alongside Kiriyama Ren, who will take the role of Arata.

As a manga series, 'Switch Girl!!' has been published a cumulative total of five million times. In addition to Japan, it has been translated and published for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, Germany, Thailand, and France where it is particular popular and was the number one shojo manga throughout the first half of 2011.

Beginning December 24, 2011, the drama series will air Saturdays at 22:30 and will be comprised of eight half-hour episodes.

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r0lan 24 Nov, 2011
omo I swear I thought that was Kamenashi Kazuya o_o
They really do look alike in this picture... can't wait to see how this compares to the manga.
hidde 24 Nov, 2011
Sounds like Hotaru no Hikari.
zaharisa 20 Oct, 2013
Does it have anything to do with Kare Kano? Kind of reminds me of it.. the plot..