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During his childhood, Su Hyeon used to live with his mother in Thailand, where he met Ji U. The boy and the girl become really close but they suddenly have to part when Ji U's mother decides to leave Thailand. In the same time, Su Hyeon sees his mother being killed. He is then adopted by his parents' friend, a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent. He grows up with Min Gi, his new brother, and both of them become NIS agents. Later, Su Hyeon meets Ji U once again...

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mtcr 11 Mar, 2011
quero que ele volte logo, pra fazer doramas como esses.... maravilhosos!!!
ready2fly 07 Apr, 2011
yeah, i watched this before IRIS, but while i watching IRIS i said that's reminds me of Time of Dog & Wolf !!
both are masterpiece ♥
cncll 16 Apr, 2011
I can't get through this drama... I've dropped it twice already ;-;
crimsonmoonlight 12 Jun, 2011
I think this Dramas okay, but not as great as everyone said.
yashii 20 Jun, 2011
OMG the end was
SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOL, he's sooooo great!

I loved this drama! the story is sooooooooooo great, but complicated lol I mean
Mao was a friend of his father? Then he had to kill him, but didn't know that his friend was the target?
Jun Ki wants to kill Mao, but Mao is the father of the woman he loves? WOW sooo crazy!!

If you want to see Lee Jun Ki act as a NIS agent, undercover agent, bad boy, really bad boy then you've got to watch this! He was soooo handsome in there.
And I can't compare IRIS with this drama. I think this one was much better!! IMO
malice 22 Jun, 2011
this was indeed awesome.
ninatan 08 Jan, 2012
This takes an epic turn around ep 8! Wow!

The end was like 75482759847582476723664782 trillion times better than Iris. It was touching...
irate 11 Jan, 2012
i just watched 6 ep and i am about to drop this drama... i really hope it does take 'an epic turn around ep 8'.