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During his childhood, Su Hyeon used to live with his mother in Thailand, where he met Ji U. The boy and the girl become really close but they suddenly have to part when Ji U's mother decides to leave Thailand. In the same time, Su Hyeon sees his mother being killed. He is then adopted by his parents' friend, a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent. He grows up with Min Gi, his new brother, and both of them become NIS agents. Later, Su Hyeon meets Ji U once again...

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itazuramaki 16 Feb, 2012
this drama has nothing common with IRIS.
alexadm81 03 Mar, 2012
I've just finished rewatching and it is the best modern drama, Lee Jun-ki's acting was outstanding!!!!
soraya 10 Jun, 2012
Amazing drama ^^
kayzilu 25 Jun, 2012
yokochan 31 Jul, 2012
Wow Ep. 9 was sooo Heartbreaking =´(
Su Hyun, Fighting ! OMG feeling sooo Sad for him -.- AAAH !
This Drama got Me *_____________________* haha xD
yokochan 07 Aug, 2012
OMG i got a Heart Attack xD REALLY =´( wow IAM CRYING -.-
oh wow this was sooo dramatic, i thought he really died at the last episode &
then he is going the street :D OMG i cried soo much and my mum was worried xD sooo loud !
& then HE is still alive <3 thanks !
irate 17 Aug, 2012
even though after the 6th episode i was ready to drop it, in the end, i completed it and i give it 5 out of 5. holy crap, i haven't been so emotional over a drama in months. highly recommended.
nyalims 01 Sep, 2012
One of my all time favorites!