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During his childhood, Su Hyeon used to live with his mother in Thailand, where he met Ji U. The boy and the girl become really close but they suddenly have to part when Ji U's mother decides to leave Thailand. In the same time, Su Hyeon sees his mother being killed. He is then adopted by his parents' friend, a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent. He grows up with Min Gi, his new brother, and both of them become NIS agents. Later, Su Hyeon meets Ji U once again...

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lowwie 03 Dec, 2012
Decent enough drama, nothing at all stuck out about it as making it anything but.

Min Gi annoyed me from the beginning and even more so when, in what felt like very episode, lost his temper which ended up just becoming predictable and annoying.

I think the story, in particular where Min Gi is concerned, could have been done slightly differently though.
xoxo 09 Jan, 2013
best drama with Lee Jun Ki ever
I can't believe that he was alive!! cried
mitsukai 30 May, 2014
much better than i expected and i definitely can recommend this one :)
i don't really like korean dramas, but this one was really nice, maybe because it didn't have that much romance stuff, but more spies, action and so on, haha. but midway
when the main character lost his memories, i was reminded that after all i'm watching a KOREAN drama, hahaha, so typical :)

i have a little bit mixed feelings about the epilogue~ but overally 4/5 and worth watching :)
yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
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karinchen 01 Aug, 2017
that's a surprising drama. i didn't expect it do be so good. he story goes well and isn't drawn unnecessarily.
Lee Jun Gi is great. realy great.

at the point with the memories lost - i just thought oh my god nooo... just nooo. not this aigan ^^. but the opposite was the case. it got better and better. i love kay ^^
thomasnl 05 Dec, 2017
One of the best crime dramas I have watched so far. It may have been from 2007, but many dramas in this category are not even close to the level of this one. Lots of surprises within the series. Story may not be unique in such a way, but both producers and directors did manage to create such a thrilling drama that it became unique itself.