Nagasawa Masami Takes On Double Role

akiraka 07 Dec, 2011

Nagasawa Masami will take on her first double role challenge when she stars in the upcoming drama series 'Bunshin', based on the Higashino Keigo novel of the same title. In it, she will actually play dual lead parts. One being a plain women who is studying in the field of child welfare, and the other a woman who is completely absorbed in band activity. Nagasawa commented, "I'm enjoying performing two totally different characters, so long as I can bring out each role's own individuality."

The five part series is scheduled to begin airing February 12, 2012, starting at 22:00 on Sundays.

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Random chan 07 Dec, 2011
XDDD lol, I wanna see that.
angelus 09 Dec, 2011
gasp** nagasawa...