Underrated Dramas?

pantheria 16 Jan, 2012
Hey all. Just wondered what were your top 10 underrated Dramas/Movies of all time? Any country is fine. Movies too if you like. Those you feel that not many people have seen or even considered watching but have something you consider special or extremely interesting/different. Doesn't have to be based on MDL numbers or anything like that.

For me it's the following (Mostly Japanese. Don't really watch much from other countries).

1) Holyland
2) Triangle
3) Brother Beat
4) Yasha
5) Innocent Love
6) Dr. Koto's Clinic
7) Strawberry On the Shortcake
8) Long Love Letter
9) Voice
10) Water Boys II
11) Arakawa Under the Bridge

1) Eternal Summer
2) Tenshi no Koi
3) Juryoku Piero
4) Kids
5) Sono toki wa kare ni yoroshiku
spluffen 18 Jan, 2012
junho1582 18 Jan, 2012
Based on mdl popularity, all less than 500 people, who watched those really nice dramas .. ^^

Bokura no Yuuki (259 users..)
Good Life (120 users only..)
Home Drama (57 users ;__; one of my fave dramas ever..!)
yume no kariforunia (55 users D: but it's so awesome)

@pantheria I checked out the drama pages of the dramas you mentioned, Holyland and Dr. Koto's Clinic lack synopsis, can you sum up what these are about? :3
r0lan 18 Jan, 2012
Clone Baby
Koishite Akuma
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
RH Plus
20th Century Boys (movie)
Sexy Voice and Robo
Godhand Teru

They are all Japanese.
Well, according to majority, about majority of what I have listed av a score ranging from 2-3.3 out of 5.
But im not those majority, and I really like them. Maybe it's because they are underrated, or maybe just terrible that I really tend to enjoy them 8D
It's all up to the individual, i reckon ^0^
thouyu 18 Jan, 2012
1) Koukou Kyoushi
2) Clone Baby
3) Nankyoku Tairiku
4) Troubleman
5) Zeni Geba
6) Prisoner
7) Giragira
8) Asuko March

Don't really know if all of them can be called underrated though... ^w^;
pantheria 19 Jan, 2012
@junho1582: I'm not really thinking of underrated based on numbers but more based on what people have seen themselves, especially those who like me have watched a reasonable amount of Dramas to be able to compare. If that makes sense. BTW I'm really not good at summarising things or writing synopsises otherwise I would have tried to add some for those myself. Best use if you'd like more info. Dr Koto is very calm & relaxing to watch & very touching. Holyland has a very interesting style with a solid story. I really did personally enjoy both of those Dramas quite a lot but it seems not many people have actually seen them.

I guess I really should attempt to carry on watching California Dream & I think I'll bump Home Drama up my list of things to watch sooner rather than later. :)

@r0lan: Ah Clone Baby, Otomen & RHPlus I definitely agree with as well. Loved those, they may not have been perfect but they had something that made them a little unique. Didn't personally like the others as much & haven't seen 20th Century Boys yet. It's definitely down to individual taste though but sometimes I feel people pass on things simply because others say they aren't worth watching which is kind of sad if you ask me.
junho1582 19 Jan, 2012
@pantheria oh well I just wanted a limit for myself, so that the list won't get too long ^^ So I picked only my 5-star dramas which almost nobody seemed to have watched. Thx about the dramas ^^ I'll definitely put some of them on my watchlist now and glad to hear you want to try out Home Drama sooner, if I had to recommend a heartwarming family drama, it would be this one ^^b

Adding to my list:
Sora kara furu ichi oku no hoshi
sionsono 19 Jan, 2012

Simply The Best!