Taiwanese Dramas.

pantheria 07 Feb, 2012
Hey all. So I recently started getting into TDramas & have watched a grand total of 4 LOL so I am looking for ideas on what is good to watch.

What I've seen: Devil beside you, Why Why Love, Love Buffet & Hi My Sweetheart. All of which I enjoyed.

Queued on my playlist: MIT, Black & White, Mary Me, Bull Fighting (Though might drop this as I found the first ep boring), ToGetHer, Brown Sugar Macchiato, Gloomy Salad Days, I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon & Meteor Garden, Skip Beat.

On Hold: K.O.3an Guo. Random & funny but sooooooo very long XD!

I dropped the following: Autumn's Concerto, Hayate the Combat Butler (Can't stand dubs! Please don't suggest anything where 1 or more people are dubbed), ISWAK (Though I may try again as this was before I even got into KDrama) & Romantic Princess (Same as ISWAK so may try again).

Any others you might recommend? Which are you favourite? What is it you like about TDramas?

Personally hate dramas with sad or depressing endings so don't recommend those for me to watch. Though feel free to mention any of your favourites even if they are sad but please clearly mention that they are sad/tragic or very depressing so I know to avoid them XD. Also try avoid recommending anything that isn't actually subbed as that's pretty pointless for me. Short & sweet is preferable too. 13/15 episodes is kind of good in my book. Also would love anything that is similar to Sunao & Last Friends, that kind of theme but while still remaining in the Youth/Slice of Life/Romance. So long as the mains end up happy-ish I'm good.

Also feel free to recommend TDrama OST's. Found lots of new music I like through those 4 dramas XD! So more is always welcome. :)
komorebi 07 Feb, 2012
I haven't watched that many TW-dramas either, but I really liked Black & White and Gloomy Salad Days. Mars was also quite good. :)
pantheria 07 Feb, 2012
@komorebi: Yeah never really thought of watching TDramas before but now kinda getting into them. B&W is definitely on my list & so is Gloomy Salad Days. I've been thinking about Mars too but was it sad at all? How was the ending? I love spoilers but feel free to PM me to avoid ruining it for others or use the spoiler tag. :)
komorebi 07 Feb, 2012
@pantheria, yeah I only started watching them at the end of last year, but the ones I've watched until now were all enjoyable (well, maybe I was just lucky). Mars is

rather depressing and sad, but it has a happy end :D

The fourth and fifth I've watched until now, bump off lover and wish to see you again were quite nice, too.
pantheria 07 Feb, 2012
@komorebi: I guess I've been lucky too, the last 3 I've watched I've really enjoyed. That's good to know MARS. One thing I can stands is
tragic endings

I'm thinking of also checking out Pandamen; which looks a bit random but I dunno, could be interesting. Will look those up too. :)
arielifeoma 08 Feb, 2012
I would watch anything and everything with Ella Bao Bei in it :) Especially The Rose, TW Hana Kimi and Down with Love. Hehe. Mars was AWESOME! Together...not so much. MissNoGood, cute. Just my little opinions :) I've yet to watch a TW with a sad ending but I've only seen about a dozen as I'm really just addicted to particular actors/actresses.
pantheria 09 Feb, 2012
I guess I should really check out Mars since a lot of people recommend it. :)
fleur6 30 Apr, 2012
Ive seen just Skip Beat but it was brilliant.. It has just one thing I dont like but I dont want to give you any spoilers :)