Happy VD to you all!

Random chan 14 Feb, 2010
Well, I wish all of you will find love (if they want) and have a nice whichever one likes relationship... and for the ones who have -- I WISH YOU TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER *-* HAPPY VDay!

isn't the new one day logo soooo cute?

XD special loving wish (and thanks) to nightrainboww and her boyfriend :O, she is like a sister to me.
and of course, I love hideki, but that's a thing he already knows well, I hope :P

._. and happy Chinese year...
hideki 14 Feb, 2010
Happy valentine from me too. XD

Jag älskar dig Random chan! XD
authenticdivine 14 Feb, 2010
haha you guys are cute :P

Happy Valentine's Day to all then! And also for anyone else who celebrates this, Happy Chinese New Year :)