K-Pop Idol Karam To Starr In Movie Adaption Of 'Ai Ore!'

komorebi 17 Mar, 2012

Popular shoujo manga 'ai wo utau yori ore ni oborero!', often shortened to 'ai ore!', is going to be made into a movie this year. The main roles are going to be played by K-Pop Idol Karam from the band The BOSS (also known as DGNA or Daikoku Danji) and actress Oono Ito. Rookie actor Terada Takuya (sign) will also be part of the cast.

'Ai ore' is based on the manga of the same name by Shinjou Mayu, and is a crossdressing romance comedy about a boyish looking female highschool student called Mizuki (adressed to as 'prince' by her classmates), and a girlish looking male highschool student called Akira (adressed to as 'princess' by his classmates), who fall in love with each other. Terada Takuya will play the role of Rui, an eccentric character also in love with Akira.


Tags: Takuya, Oono Ito
r0lan 17 Mar, 2012
ahahs they chose perfectly (in terms of looks) for Karams role but i hope his acting skills aint that bad... but i wonder why they didnt chose Koji Seto instead i mean both Karam and Koji seto look similar and both look feminine... if they tried ;)
marroann 05 Apr, 2012
This is a must-see then. xD Can't wait to see Karam in a gender-bender drama. :3