New "Partner" Selected For The Next Generation Of "Aibou"

akiraka 07 Apr, 2012

About two weeks following the airing of the final episode of season ten of the long-running popular police drama "Aibou," it was announced who will be replacing Oikawa Mitsuhiro, who is leaving the show. Narimiya Hiroki will be the new "partner" in the third generation of Aibou productions beginning with season eleven.

Mizutani Yutaka, who has starred as Sugishita Ukyou since the series inception in year 2000, commented, "It will be my first time performing with Narimiya, and I'm really looking forward to the further development of the Aibou world in the third generation of the series." He added with a laugh, "I wonder what nickname we'll give him."

The new partner Narimiya himself remarked, "I'm openly glad to be selected for the highly popular national production of 'Aibou'. This year I will reach the juncture of age thirty. I have a feeling that encountering this production will become a new step for me as an actor, and am thrilled about it."

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