de mai tinh

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What won't you do for love? Dung is fighting his best to win the heart of Mai, the woman who stole his heart. But in reality, this task is way harder than he thought it would be. Will true love win?

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nessssbm 18 Dec, 2012
this movie gave me many moments of shock O _ O but it was good, : p
really mostly worth watching for Hoi (acted by Thái Hòa.)
tamochin 31 Oct, 2013
I didn't feel chemistry between the leads at all (it's because of the main girl I guess). I also think the guy acted like a stalker a little bit
since he followed her everywhere like crazy... Okay, I understand, he was in love, but dude~ It was creepy :P

The ending was ok too, but
it wasn't very clear for me~ She was waiting for the guy and he wasn't there, then he was working in some bar and she came there (how did she actually know that he's there~). And they kissed. Pretty weird.

Overall, it's not bad but not very interesting as well...