Forum Guidelines closed

Random chan 02 Jan, 2010
In this forum you can talk about whatever you please; any interesting topic that came into your mind and you want to share it with the world. The forum will contain everything that has nothing to do with dramas, animes and with our site directly.

Still, there are some topics which shouldn't exist:

- revealing personal information
- banal topics (for example: 'how many comments you have', 'how many mdl friends you have', etc., which you can see on the profile of the user)
- No links to sites in which you can watch series online, as it is an illegal act which we do not support. We don't want to do that type of advertising, and therefore open no topics such as 'where can I watch _' or 'what sites are good to watch _'.
- no insulting topics or comments are allowed, here, or in any other section. Elitism is frowned upon, too.

In case you break these rules, your topic will be deleted or closed. You'll receive a private message about your wrong behaviour. However, in case you keep breaking the rules over and over again, more serious acts will be considered.