Movie Version Of Ishinomori Shoutarou's 'Cyborg 009' Announced

komorebi 25 Apr, 2012

A new animation by koukaku kidoutai (Ghost in the Shell) director Kamiyama Kenji is going to be aired in October this year. Kamiyama will be in charge of the script as well as the direction of the movie, which is going to be an adaption of Ishinomori Shoutarou's popular manga 'cyborg 009'. The movie will be called '009 RE:CYBORG' and the promotional posters have finally been made public today. Like the original work, the story deals with nine cyborg soldiers having to save the world from destruction, but it is set in 2013 and introduces new heroes to the audience.

'009 RE:CYBORG' will start airing nationwide on October 27th.

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