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Han Gi Su used to be in a motorcycle gang years ago, but now he's an ordinary courier. One day he's called to bring someone across town in a hurry, and the passenger turns out to be his ex girlfriend, Chun Sim. When she puts on Gi Su's helmet, a strange timer starts. A mysterious caller then informs them the helmet is a bomb, and if they don't follow his instructions, it will detonate. Now the two must race around Seoul, outrunning the police and delivering more bombs before their time runs out.

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cutedevil 09 Nov, 2011
sounds interesting~
can't wait for the English subs
vendetta 12 Nov, 2011
very good entertainer..........action ,thriller.....

eng subs in
keelin 02 Dec, 2011
fancyromance 21 Dec, 2011
it's really silly ... but so damn wicked cool! I really liked it, it was so funny
and some scenes really were unexpected (^ _ ^)
choishinya 22 Dec, 2011
Silly, but good. Kept me entertained throughout the entire movie, action scenes were good. Reminds me of Speed with Keanu Reeves lol.
keish 29 Dec, 2011
Verry, verry bad... No speed effect...
sansain 31 Dec, 2011
Good entertainment.
koreangringo 11 Jan, 2012
epic trash and parody movie, i laugh so hard