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Han Gi Su used to be in a motorcycle gang years ago, but now he's an ordinary courier. One day he's called to bring someone across town in a hurry, and the passenger turns out to be his ex girlfriend, Chun Sim. When she puts on Gi Su's helmet, a strange timer starts. A mysterious caller then informs them the helmet is a bomb, and if they don't follow his instructions, it will detonate. Now the two must race around Seoul, outrunning the police and delivering more bombs before their time runs out.

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sillysym 04 Dec, 2017
Not my piece of cake. The special effects were just bad, the story plain and the timing of the comedy parts was really unfitting. Adding that the main characters both got onto my nerves quite a lot because they were badly written.
This seemed to be just done to put Lee Min Gi in cool leather clothes, to let him ride a motorbike and to blow off some buildings, cars and other objects~~ [x2]
sillysym 05 Dec, 2017
at the end of the movie they show that a lot of people got hurt because of the action scenes, BUT the movie is bad. It wasn't fun at all, the acting was terrible. it was all useless.