More Cast Announced For Higashino Keigo Mysteries

akiraka 18 Jun, 2012

Five of the remaining performers to play the lead protagonists in the upcoming Higashino Keigo Mysteries TV series have been revealed.

In addition to those that were announced last month, the following is a summary of the additional episode titles and starring performers scheduled to appear:

Sakaguchi Kenji in Hannin No Inai Satsujin No Yoru (Night Of The Murder Without A Killer)
Toda Erika in Shiroi Kyouki (White Weapon)
Miura Haruma in Chiisa Na Koi No Monogatari (Tale Of A Slight Intent)
Hirosue Ryouko in Kekkon Houkoku (Marriage Announcement)
Suzuki Kyouka in Saisei Majutsu No Onna (*Resurrection Magic Woman)
*possible translation


Fuji drama center producer Koike Hideki commented, "Having so many splendid performers participate in a single drama series is an extremely rare thing and there is a sense of anticipation." "I am convinced that, with the chemistry between the directors and lead performers, we will be able to deliver a production that will be beyond viewer expectations," he added confidently.

Higashino Keigo himself remarked, "Having exposure in this way brought to the short stories I wrote in my early years is an honor. With all its superb performers, right now I am really looking forward to the series."

Details on the final episode have yet to be announced but the eleven part omnibus series is scheduled to begin airing July 5.

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r0lan 20 Jun, 2012
OOoooo been curious about this drama since I first saw the news, now with the cast, I really DO feel like I want to watch it now!
18succubus 28 Jun, 2012
i'll be waiting for Haruma's part [Chiisa Na Koi No Monogatari (Tale Of A Slight Intent)] ;D