Shinohara Ryouko: First Role After Child Birth

komorebi 26 Jun, 2012

Actress Shinohara Ryouko will appear in the drama 'higashino keigo mysteries', that will start airing in July. It will be her first drama appearance since the birth of her child in February, and she stated she was extremely glad to be able to participate in a Higashino Keigo project, of whom she is a huge fan. The drama is a compilation of Higashino Keigo's short stories.

Shinohara will appear as the main character of episode 10, 'nijuunenme no yakusoku', that will be directed by Miyamoto Rieko. This short story deals with a woman who learns that her boyfriend was involved in a murder that happened 20 years ago.

'Higashino keigo mysteries' will start airing July 5th.


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