Higashino Keigo Comedy Series Beginning This Summer

akiraka 25 Jul, 2012

Beginning this summer a series of three drama adaptations of comedy stories by Higashino Keigo will be released. Each of which has been selected from the author's first three collections of humorous short stories first published in 1995 (Kaishou Shousetsu), 1996 (Dokushou Shousetsu), and 2005 (Kokushou Shousetsu), respectively. A fourth collection (Waishou Shousetsu) was added to the series when it was released on January 20, 2012.

Appearing on July 23 at a publicity event in Tokyo for the production which has been given the general title "Higashino Keigo Series 'Warai'", were Hamada Gaku and Kurashina Kana who will co-star in the series' initial broadcast. Kurashina remarked, "Comedy is, for me, a difficult genre, so I really had to struggle with it."

On stage, the two performers took smiling and laughing photos as a contribution to a Facebook and Twitter promotional campaign for the drama. Upon taking the camera, Hamada played the role of comedian to make Kurashina laugh with lines like "Think of the lens as your lover! Smile!" Then when asked what dream item he would wish for, Hamada, who is only 160 centimeters tall, responded "Segano-beer is what I'd want." (Note: "Segano-beer" was a rumored drink, the name of which is a play on words, that supposedly made people grow taller.) "About 180 centimeters would be nice," he continued, "I wouldn't have to get so nervous all the time when riding a roller coaster......"
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Selected to be utilized as the series theme song is a new track by Tortoise Matsumoto entitled "Warattemi". Translated, the song title can be rephrased "Show A Smile".

The three episodes will be the premiere works for a new system of program distribution sponsored by J:COM On Demand called "Drama JoKer." Once released, viewers can watch a transmission of the program whenever they like and through numerous different media including cable TV, smartphone, tablet, and PC. A summery of the episodes follows below:

Title: Motemote Spray
Original publication: Kokushou Shousetsu (2005)
Starring: Hamada Gaku, Kurashina Kana, Tsugawa Masahiko
Transmission starting date: August 1, 2012
Summary: This is the story of an office employee named Takashi who, though numerous times has confessed his love to women, not once has it come to any fruition for him. He just doesn't have a way with the opposite sex. Upon being dumped by a co-worker named Ayumi, he hits his computer and shouts "I want to be popular with women!" and then stumbles upon a curious research website. When he clicks on the introductory greeting of an expert from the research facility he views a video in which the man states, "There are men that, no matter how hard they try, are just not popular with the ladies. At our research institute the mystery has finally been solved!" Determined, Takashi visits the facility where he receives a special spray from the same shady professor who tells him that it is guaranteed to make him a hit with the opposite sex. Without delay, Takashi sprays himself down and invites Ayumi out, upon which she shows him an expression which up till now he had never seen before. Takashi fully savors the effect of the spray, however there is a condition that comes with it....
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Title: Aru Jiisan Ni Senkou Wo (An Incense Stick To An Old Man)
Original publication: Kaishou Shousetsu (1995)
Starring: Sasano Takashi, Miyazawa Sae, Suda Masaki
Additional Performers: Muro Tsuyoshi, Arimori Narimi
Transmission starting date: September 1, 2012
Summary: One day a modestly living elderly man is requested by a physician to participate in a clinical experiment in which surgery is conducted that will return him to his youthful form. Presented with a large sum of money, though somewhat bewildered he decides to have the surgery done. There are conditions attached however. First, he must keep a record in the form of a daily journal. Also, for some reason, he is not allowed to become personally intimate with a specific person. Upon first changing back to his youthful form following the surgery, he promptly has a nurse cut his hair and obtains permission to go out. He repeatedly goes out on dates with a bookstore clerk named Chiharu who had treated him kindly when he was in his elderly state and he had secretly longed for her. The old man had begun to enjoy his new life. However, there was a reason for the conditions of the surgery...
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Title: Yuukai Denwamou (Kidnapping Telephone Net)
Original publication: Dokushou Shousetsu (1996)
Starring: Mimula, Mikami Hiroshi
Transmission starting date: October 1, 2012
Summary: Kawashima Yousuke and his wife Miki together as a couple run a soba noodle shop. One day he receives a phone call from a man calling himself a kidnapper and is demanded a ransom. The thing is, the two of them don't have any children. He even confirmed this with Miki. Naturally, they have no clue what he's talking about and refute the demand. The caller then informs him with a laugh that he has chosen at random phone numbers of those with no connection to the kidnapped child. At first the couple make light of it as a prank, but in communicating with this man over the phone, they soon become thoroughly troubled about it. Though he has no acquaintance with the child, Kawashima decides he wants to protect the child's life. The thing is, they need to come up with ten million yen within three days. There's just no way they can manage that. After agonizing over it for a while, the couple make an unthinkable choice...
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