The Next "Aibou" Revealed

akiraka 14 Aug, 2012

Previously it was announced in April that Narimiya Hiroki will be cast as the new "partner" to co-star alongside Mizutani Yutaka in the long-running popular police drama "Aibou". Now on August 13, along with the official announcement of an eleventh season, the name of his character has been revealed. Narimiya will play the role of Kai Tooru (written in Japanese it will look like this: 甲斐享), a police officer who, though he had longed to do detective work, instead found himself for a long time laboring at police box duty, without ever handling any serious or brutal crimes. However, his effort and excellence in service is recognized and he is transferred into the First Division Criminal Investigations Department.

The third generation of Aibou productions is scheduled to commence broadcasting with Season Eleven in October of this year, Wednesday nights at 21:00.

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