Movie For "Star Driver" Announced

komorebi 06 Sep, 2012

It has been announced that a movie for the animation series 'Star Driver' that aired from 2010-2011 will be hitting Japanese cinemas on February 9th, 2013. The movie will be called 'Star Driver -the movie-' and will contain a reconstruction of the previously aired 25 episodes as well as a sequel episode that has never been shown.

Star Driver is a robot anime that takes place in an academy on a southern Japanese island and focuses on the students Takuto, Wako and Sugata, as well a mysterious human-shaped statue sleeping under the ground.

The movie will be written by Enokido Youji and directed by Igarashi Takuya.

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Random chan 06 Sep, 2012
@komorebi lol, for a second you got me right there... I thought you meant a live action movie XDDD.
komorebi 06 Sep, 2012
@Random chan, GOTCHA! :D I never said Live Action.