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After being betrayed by a former boyfriend, Liang Ruo Qing decides to give up on men altogether and never fall in love again. When years later she meets a seemingly flawless doctor, Lu Zhe Han, she makes it her mission to prove to everyone there is no such thing as the perfect man, but as she tries to expose his faults, Ruo Qing realizes he might in fact be perfect after all -- for her.

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aries 18 Apr, 2013
Enjoyable movie :)
I missed Ariel and Bo Lin since I watched ITWY. It was nice to seem them together again~
anyzs 21 Jun, 2014
am i the only one who think the things went too fast?
It would work better as a mini drama, because i really dont understand the deepness of their relationship in such a short time.
it was a cute movie, but for me the storyline was SOOO fake
and after watching it, i guess chinese/taiwanese people really love aaron yan. HE'S EVERYWHERE!!!
beautifur 11 Jul, 2015
Adorable ♥
Ariel & Bolin always have great chemistry, I love watching them together, they need to act like a couple more often. And he has the cutest smile!!
zor6a 23 May, 2016
❤❤❤ I love this movie so so so much!!! ❤❤❤