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Watsuji Mako and Kurasawa Satsuki look identical, however each of them lives a complete different life, Mako is a polite and well-educated girl from a very rich family who owns everything, however is not happy with her current life. And Satsuki is a rude, poor girl who lives alone in an old apartment, works in a part-time job in cabaret club and is not interested in anything except money. Due to unexpected circumstances they meet each other and decide to exchange each other's lives.

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aquariia 29 Apr, 2012
The first episode was very good. I like the plot.
Looking forward to more.
akiraka 30 Apr, 2012
I liked what the first episode offered. Sure the plot's hardly believable but it's only TV drama anyway. Decent entertainment value.
kibychan90 10 May, 2012
I really like this drama from 2 last episodes >____< very interesting!!!
gova 11 May, 2012
seeing the first 2 eps .. this drama started well ..and i'm glad that Emi
did something about her acting and improved it
xdsmile 14 May, 2012
I love the theme song x3

Mako - pure and stupid girl, Satsuki - evil and clever.
just wondering how it will ends :D
aquariia 26 May, 2012
My favorite drama of the season so far. I really like the plot.
I'm curious how it ends.
xaralind 13 Jun, 2012
Was surprisingly impressed by this drama! Wasn't expecting much when I first started watching it, but somehow I found myself devouring the first five episodes at one go. x) Can't wait to see how it ends!
kibychan90 14 Jun, 2012
This drama deserves more audience!!!! >___< #inlove