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In order to get a job at a chocolate store, Hong Xi En must dress as a man and must hide that fact from her co workers. Fang Jie Hua, whose dream it is to open a chocolate store, ends up working with her.

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miwtf 15 Apr, 2012
YES! Once again a gender-bender. LOVE those! And the story seem to have quite a resemblance with coffee prince. I hope it's as good as that one.
alleinr 19 Apr, 2012
Another Coffee Prince?
yokochan 25 Apr, 2012
100 Ep´s ? o.O whaaat ?
miwtf 27 Apr, 2012
@yokochan That seems to be incorrect, just recently it was 20 O_o
eriinnye 02 May, 2012
OMG: I shouldn't have started it if it has so many episodes T.T
rojoong 13 Jun, 2012
Exactly the same thought as eriinnye.... .___.
stellybish 30 Jun, 2012
Oh wow... I wanted to start watching this but 80 episodes ??? O_O
and each is 60 minutes... I don't really like dramas which are not Korean/Japanese so I guess I won't be watching this one :/
smilla217 07 Feb, 2013
I love it,and I patiently wait for the rest 40 eps subs