ai shang qiao ke li

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In order to get a job at a chocolate store, Hong Xi En must dress as a man and must hide that fact from her co workers. Fang Jie Hua, whose dream it is to open a chocolate store, ends up working with her.

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artesia 10 Feb, 2013
this is my first time following a drama with many eps.till now it's surely a cute type.
tomoesama 15 Jul, 2013
It's a mixture of You're Beautiful and Coffee Prince
So far it's very sweet :3
missdrama 03 Sep, 2013
God I wanna watch this one so badly but after seeing only the intro I already ended up eating a bar of chocolate. xD
karinchen 07 Jun, 2014
@eriinnye but its realy cool :) i realy like it so far ^^
shayaqus 12 Jun, 2016
I didn't like main couple.. but Xi Hui & Gangster.. scenes about them were great ^^