hwa i: goemureul samkin ai

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Hwa I doesn't know that he is raised by five criminals and not his real parents. When he finds out and gets confronted with his past, Hwa I sets out to take revenge....

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stellybish 06 Dec, 2012
Jin Gu with a MAIN role!!!! yaaay
eunyoung 08 Dec, 2012
i wait for this day for a long time ...been in the main role :) <3
catchxfireflies 22 Jan, 2013
This is a great cast so far. :o
thefreak 19 Aug, 2013
yellow0102 20 Oct, 2013
Just watched it in the cinema. Good movie with great cast and acting. Yeo JinGoo - heads down - I'm totally amazed by this young guy. He was absolutely wonderful in this movie. Great career is upon him if he keeps doing that well. I'm looking forward for more roles from him.
ceneash 22 Nov, 2013
I feel an urge to watch this movie. Sadly, will have to wait for english subs...
infidence 21 Feb, 2014
@yellow0102 Where the heck did you watch it in the cinema? As far as I know Korean movies aren't shown on cinema outside of Korea and especially not in Europe.
Just finished this movie and it was amazing, my kind of movie in every way. People giving after to their nature. >:)
yellow0102 23 Feb, 2014
@infidence I watched it in the cinema in Korea actually :) I study here currently.