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Meng Yun is a man already in his 30s but still single and has no plans for getting married. He has dated multiple girls during the years and now has an impressive list of ex-girlfriends, one of whom invites him to her wedding. In the wedding he meets Xia Lou, an ex-girlfriend of the groom, and they fall in love. However, both of them have lots of exes they haven't told about and their relationship is put to test when their previous lovers start appearing again.

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mikazuki 09 Mar, 2014
naah, i expected more of it. it was pretty boring even though the start was good.
alleinr 03 Apr, 2014
Unexpectedly nice movie! It's very light and funny, so I absolutely enjoyed it.
jihye 04 Jun, 2014
This was my first c-movie and I really enjoyed, it was pretty good.
And Hangeng is a good actor and for me it was surprising
sarangimnida 31 Aug, 2014
I thought this movie did a fairly exaggerated but hilarious job of showing an insight into the lives of Chinese playboys. The mention of actual Beijing nightclubs was a particularly great little addition for those who have partied in Beijing.
karinchen 05 Nov, 2017
@mikazuki mee to.

was just okay.