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kyouki 20 Mar, 2014
Watched the first episode. So far it's interesting and have a good pace! I will surely watch some more!

EDIT: 15/20 episodes watched so far.
I'm getting a bit annoyed by the show and the acting. Story is getting weird, still good pace though.

EDIT: 18/20 episodes watched so far.
This is getting real boring... Don't know what the scriptwriters thought of, but this is almost unwatchable /:

EDIT: Finished it. The ending
was sooo lame... like especially because it just seemed like there would be another episode. Sigh.
How can every freaking person in this drama, be it sister, brother, dad, uncle - every coworker --- how come they ALL suddenly are connected by that one case!? Or somehow ended up doing something criminal after Yun Xiang joined the detective bureau?! Honestly can't understand why I stuck with this for 20 episodes. Though there were some good scenes in there! (the ones that wasn't destroyed or over-cliché...)